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General lack of our country crowd of alpha linolenic acid, not as good as the world health organization recommended daily intakes (1 g) daily half. Chinese medicine and nutritional experts called for national legislation special supplement alpha linolenic acid, development strategy of national food and nutrition experts is actively planning to carry out large-scale promotion of alpha linolenic acid.

According to statistics, since September 1996 - April 1998, the state formally approved the 1154 health food, health food imports in 115, its function is generally divided into 22 classes. In the health food with alpha linolenic acid products have 35 11 (including imports), among them: animal 30, plant 5. The rest of the products including 11 products to be imported are deep sea fish oil products. All these products in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, Qingdao, dalian, guangzhou and other market is good, especially in the elderly and students in the two groups.

The state food and drug administration for approval, after the animal test and human test function test, safe non-toxic side effects.

Lowest price agents with quality products, do not collect market margin.

Shall practise a system of regional exclusive agent, strict market protection, make sure your exclusive rights.

Provide a full range of legal marketing procedures;

Provide a full set of resources, the model market plan;

Tailored for you a full range of marketing solutions, provide the whole project, to strengthen and expand the market;

Cooperate with market progress advertising copywriting, design, print, you need not worry again for propaganda materials design, printing;

Teach you how to start, the best way to operate the market, market development, management, supervision and market.

At any time for you to provide expert advice and guidance on market, timely provide competitors dynamic consulting, to make sure that you easily do a good job market.

Perfect the support material, following a series of products, different gifts on a regular basis, improve the brand construction.

Provide expert consultation telephone, free after-sales problems at any time.

Provide unconditional return policy within three months, zero risk investment, thoroughly solve your worries

The first delivery item 10 give 1 reward, every 10 pieces of goods presented 1, to encourage distributors to take delivery

During the contract period, overfulfilled task for the whole year, in excess of 2% reward

If over purchase amount to the following standards: the end of each financial year according to the annual sales (sales price) button to return to reward, after the contract period according to the price of the two sides agreed to perform the contract, in accordance with the following scale back button rewards to convert the goods

More than 600000 yuan (including 600000), at 3% of the excess of reward

More than 1.2 million yuan (including 1.2 million), at 5% of the excess of reward

More than 2 million yuan (including 2 million), at 8% of the excess of reward

About Us
Shanghai Tianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai dragon biological technology co., LTD., is a in order to promote China's biological industry development as the mission, the specialty is engaged in the food, health food, functional food nutrition research, development, services, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in alpha linolenic acid series products research, development and sales.
The company is located in the southwest of downtown Shanghai, xuhui district, Shanghai city center area is one of the biggest in the area. In connection of jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, jiangxi and other southern provinces traffic arteries, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is extremely superior.
The company has a mature sales network, strong economic strength and the brand-new marketing idea, marketing headquarters in Shanghai, sales network covering major cities and Hong Kong and Macao regions. Company not only in Shanghai has its own product research and development, sales and logistics distribution center, but also investment in zhangjiang hi-tech park has set up a production base, and with the major domestic research institutes maintained good relations of cooperation.
Product production base owns international advanced fermentation equipment, high molecular distillation equipment, co2 supercritical extraction device, the capsule of the advanced production equipment and the standardization of GMP production workshop. Annual capacity of 250 million grain processing soft capsule, with an annual output of 2000 tons of high levels of alpha linolenic acid. Brought together a large number of engaged in the soft capsule production of professional and technical personnel, the product quality completely with foreign advanced level synchronization. Product has a high reputation in the international market, every year there are a lot of soft capsules are exported to southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai and Shanghai brand-name unit enterprises.
  Relying on medicine valley pharmaceutical co., LTD. In Shanghai research and development strength, in line with "traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as the source, with western medicine, health medicine, give attention to two or morethings and western pay equal attention to" the development idea of modern innovative Chinese medicine development. Has now developed a special functional health food and nutrition food two series nearly 40 varieties, all products passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Batch production and sales of products of the company are: QingTong shu brand of alpha linolenic weakness in capsule (the food health words), purple is soft capsule (the food health words), LiMin brand new generation of alpha linolenic weakness in capsule (the food health words), the purport of alpha linolenic weakness in capsule, LiMin brand by soft capsule (the food health words),Yi valley spirit tablet bone soft capsule (the food health words), former shu peptide woods capsule, a brand of Perilla oil capsules, fish oil capsule, soybean lecithin capsule, propolis capsule, VD capsule calcium, selenium spirulina, natural vitamin E capsule, soybean isoflavone capsules, deep sea fish oil capsules, vitamin C, a variety of vitamins, chitin pills, spirulina tablet and ribonucleic acid capsules capsule, collagen, grape seed soft capsule, beta carotene soft capsule, aloe soft capsule, amino weakness in capsule, balsam pear, soft capsule, melatonin capsule, ganoderma lucidum broken GLS capsule, donkey-hide gelatin capsule, dietary cellulose capsule, bovine colostrum, etc.The company's products are of good quality, high market share sold well all over the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hong Kong and Macao regions, and exported to the United States, Germany, France, Singapore and other countries.
Shanghai dragon biological technology co., LTD warmly welcome new and old customers coming guidance, negotiate business! We will be in line with "people-based, quality win, the prestige first, service first" purpose, to "carry forward the Chinese traditional medicine treasure, benefit the human health", and adapt to market needs, to develop more potential new product, to make a greater contribution to the development of biomedical technology! We have everyone's support, has been working hard, I believe we will do better!!!!!!!!!!!

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