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The importance of α- linolenic acid

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General lack of our country crowd of alpha linolenic acid, not as good as the world health organization recommended daily intakes (1 g) daily half. Chinese medicine and nutritional experts called for national legislation special supplement alpha linolenic acid, development strategy of national food and nutrition experts is actively planning to carry out large-scale promotion of alpha linolenic acid.

According to statistics, since September 1996 - April 1998, the state formally approved the 1154 health food, health food imports in 115, its function is generally divided into 22 classes. In the health food with alpha linolenic acid products have 35 11 (including imports), among them: animal 30, plant 5. The rest of the products including 11 products to be imported are deep sea fish oil products. All these products in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, Qingdao, dalian, guangzhou and other market is good, especially in the elderly and students in the two groups.

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