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Why are Chinese people would like to add a - linolenic acid capsules?

Time:2015-2-9 Click:853Times

A - linolenic acid capsules is the core material life, found in dark green plants in the form of glyceride, constitute the important components of human tissue cells, it is to sustain human evolution, must stay healthy body fatty acids, participate in the synthesis of phospholipids in the body, metabolism, into essential life activity factor of DHA and EPA; Is the most basic evolutionary process, the original substance. A - linolenic acid capsule has the very strong growth in intelligence, protect eyesight, reduce blood fat, cholesterol, anti-aging, allergy, inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer.However, it is in the human body can't synthesis, must absorb from outside the body. Once human chronic lack of alpha linolenic acid, will cause the brain organ, visual organ function decline and alzheimer's disease, and can lead to high blood pressure, high blood pressure, cancer and other modern disease incidence rise. A lot of basic research, epidemiological investigation, animal test and human test and clinical observation showed that alpha linolenic acid has many physiological functions, and was accepted by international medical and nutritional.

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