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Prandial in general lack of our country crowd of alpha linolenic acid, per capita daily intake of about 0.4 g, far less than the world health organization recommended daily (1 g) half of our medicine and nutrition experts called for a national legislation special supplement alpha linolenic acid.
The world health organization (WHO) and the UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) in 1993, joint statement: in view of the importance of alpha linolenic acid and the status quo of human general lack of decision in the world within the scope of the special promotion of alpha linolenic acid and metabolites.
The world since the 90 s in many developed countries such as America, Britain, France, Japan and other countries have legislation: the specified must add alpha linolenic acid and its derivatives in food, otherwise not allowed to sales.
The world health organization (who) through investigation and study, found that cause hematic fat imbalance, the main cause of disease of heart head blood-vessel is: excessive intake of unsaturated fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid intake. Therefore, to basically treat blood (such as: class) of heart head blood-vessel disease must be added unsaturated fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid).
Adults lack of alpha linolenic acid, will lead to the occurrence of various diseases, such as:
Through the ISO22000, HACCP international quality system certification

A lot of basic research, epidemiology investigation, animal experiment and clinical observation showed that alpha linolenic acid has the following nine aspects of physiological functions, is recognized by the international medical, nutritional,
1, prevention of cardio-cerebral vascular disease
Due to thrombosis, angiogenesis, tissue cells do not have oxygen supplement and nutrition supply, eventually lead to death. In heart coronary artery and cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. People already know result thrombosis of the important factors is the process of platelet aggregation. Alpha linolenic acid can change the platelet membrane fluidity, which changes the platelet response to the stimulus and the number of platelet surface receptors. Therefore, can effectively prevent the formation of blood clots.
2, fall hematic fat
Of alpha linolenic acid metabolites have a moderate regulation on blood lipid metabolism, can promote the plasma low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to the conversion of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL) increased, so as to reduce blood fat, the purpose of preventing atherosclerosis.
3, to reduce the criticality of high blood pressure
Blood pressure between 145/90 MMHG - 160/95 MMHG criticality of high blood pressure, is the early high blood pressure. If the long-term use of antihypertensive agents, easy cause many adverse reactions. Alpha linolenic acid metabolites can dilate blood vessels, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, step-down effect thereby.
4, inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer
Normal cells can produce lesions because of the imbalance of the body function, and the cancer cells will produce a lot of can inhibit after the formation of a variety of immune cell function of diene prostaglandins, reduce the body's immune system function, make cancer cell proliferation and metastasis. Alpha linolenic acid metabolites can directly reduce the number of cancer cells, and weaken the platelet aggregation function, inhibiting the production of diene prostaglandins, restore and improve the body's immune system function, which can effectively prevent cancer formation and inhibition of the transfer.The eskimos in breast cancer incidence is very low, because they are eating lots of fish or other seafood, fat intake, though large, but not saturated fatty acid composition, mainly of alpha linolenic acid, so the cancer incidence of a disease is extremely low.
5, lower blood pressure and health products inhibit allergic reaction, anti-inflammatory effects
Alpha linolenic acid can reduce multi-core white blood cells (RMNS) and mast cell membrane phospholipids in arachidonic acid (AA) content, make the allergic reactions occur when AA to release a quantity to reduce, thereby reducing LT4 (leukotriene) generation; Metabolites EPA and compete with AA Δ 5 to saturated enzyme function; Alpha linolenic acid on allergic reaction intermediates PAF (platelet aggregation activated factor) inhibition. So think, alpha linolenic acid has the inhibition effect on the allergic reaction and inflammation. Clinical studies, the pathogenesis of psoriasis caused by main arachidonic acid metabolism, and after a certain amount of EPA to relieve symptoms. A large number of animal experiments proved that the constitution is allergic reaction hyperthyroidism by eating foods containing alpha linolenic acid deficiency.
6, inhibition of aging
With the increase of age, the number of all kinds of free radicals in the body, and glutathione peroxidase (gsh-px) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) gradually reduce the number of active gradually weakened, so free radicals metabolites malondialdehyde (MDA) increased formation of damage to cells, tissues and organs function decline. After taking alpha linolenic acid, gsh-px and SOD activity increased, the production of MDA decreased, revealing the alpha linolenic acid has anti-aging effect. Alpha linolenic acid reason may not be a prolong life. As stated earlier inhibit thrombosis, inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer, maintain normal blood pressure, inhibit the cerebral hemorrhage disease, etc., all can be regarded as a prolong life plays the role of.
7, strengthen intelligence
Healthy brain is absolutely essential fatty acids, especially of alpha linolenic acid, fatty acid to provide the energy needed for the brain, the brain is able to work in the highly complex, cannot leave the high quality of fatty acids. 18 carbon atoms of alpha linolenic acid can further extension of carbon chain, increase the number of double bond, EPA and DHA. DHA in brain nerve cells in a lot of JiCun, formation and intelligence quotient (IQ) is the brain development of the necessary material.
8, protect eyesight
Especially apparent in retinal extracellular DHA much more special, if the lack of eyesight drops, reflection ability recovery time to extend the retina. DHA, and alpha linolenic acid metabolites can improve and protect the eyesight.
9, fall blood pressure and health products to promote insulin secretion, extend the hypoglycemic effect, inhibition of complications
Alpha linolenic acid can promote islet beta cells secrete insulin and protection of insulin in the blood and stable effect, can reduce the target cells and insulin resistance. Regulate lipid metabolism, restrain complications, to reduce the risk of acid and ketone poisoning. Alpha linolenic acid on human organs and nervous system of protection enhancement effect is helpful for a person with diabetes.
Therefore, in order to prevent disease and chronic disease fat nutrition guidelines should be:
A: control of saturated fat and monounsaturated fatty acid intake;
B: reducing intake of linoleic acid; Increase the intake of alpha linolenic acid.
Optimal one purple is soft capsule rich alpha linolenic acid, its absorption and metabolism in human body after the main material with EPA and DHA, the DPA, PG prostaglandin.
1. The EPA vessels cleaning factor (eicosapentaenoic acid)
The EPA can increase the content of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, and triglycerides in the blood, reduce its molecular weight, by the liver, intestine, stomach eduction body outside, with both clean up the blood and the double effect of cleaning blood vessels.
Medical research proof: EPA and its derivatives have anti-inflammatory, resisting thrombosis, anti-arrhythmic, reducing blood fat, clean, clean blood vessels and the characteristics of diastolic blood vessels; Have fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure, fall blood sugar, prevent thrombosis.
2. Brain function factor of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
DHA is human brain lipid (cephalin and retina phospholipids) an important part of the intellectual and retinal development plays a decisive role. It in the fat cells in the brain accounts for half of the total, mainly concentrated in the center of the brain, thinking communication and retina, and used to drive the overall activity of the brain, can slow down
DHA for brain nerve cell division, proliferation, nerve conduction, synaptic growth and development plays a very important role, is a necessary material for the brain formation and intelligence development. Have added the brain cell nutrition, promote mental development, prevent brain atrophy, the action of dementia, it functions have great effects on the brain.
3. The DPA human nerve conduction factor (22 carbon olefine acid) five
The DPA it act on human's brain, optic nerve and memory organization, can improve the transfer speed of information between brain cells, responsive, form the information transmission of high-speed access, repair the damaged brain cells, prevent brain dementia and brain atrophy.
4. PG prostaglandin
Alpha linolenic acid is a precursor of the PG prostaglandins, for the synthesis of prostaglandin. Prostate is a small peripheral artery in the expansion, to reduce the vascular resistance, make the blood pressure to drop, the role of inhibition of platelet aggregation; When prostaglandins, lack of or insufficient will cause many diseases, especially susceptible to coronary heart disease, diabetes, renal hypertension and hyperlipidemia diseases; On the other hand, when the age growing, aging body organs or hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other diseases, the body dehydrogenase deficiency or activity decline, decrease in prostaglandin synthesis, thus further aggravating illness.
Anyhow, PG activity prostaglandin life widely, can involve the cardiovascular, digestion, liver function and the reproductive system, the bronchus, gastrointestinal tract, uterus, and central nervous system has obvious effect.
A, lower blood pressure and health products of high purity, quick absorption, fast
Latest test this product of alpha linolenic acid content is more than 65%, the total unsaturated fatty acids amounted to 98%, in the domestic and international leading level, so its performance ability is the common product is strong, curative effect is distinct; Easy to be absorbed by human body, can rapidly improve the body of alpha linolenic acid deficiency.
Second, lower blood pressure and health products proportion of high biological activity, science, efficacy significantly
Use the new technology such as supercritical CO2 extraction and molecular distillation, ensure its biological activity, proportional to the WTO is recommended.
Three, strong anti-oxidation function
Using the oxidation technology of high-tech, solve the similar products can't solve the problem of the product to the oxidation, keep the bioactive products, and greatly improve the quality of the product stability, its effective composition and activity at room temperature can keep the 24 months.
Fourth, the natural plant, green, safe, without any side effects
Purple is alpha linolenic acid is issued by the ministry of national medicine food homology of Perilla oil as the main raw material, through special purification of molecular distillation technology, supercritical CO2 extraction of precious plant active ingredients, GMP standard production, ensure product quality, does not contain any harmful ingredients.
The world health organization (who) cardiovascular research and training center, director of the national ministry of health medical committee Professor - TaoShouQi
"Alpha linolenic acid on the body of the unique features in the western countries is accepted by the medical profession. One of alpha linolenic acid metabolites prostaglandins in human body is the strongest anticoagulant and vasodilator, it can alleviate human in a tense environment of emergency response, can effectively reduce blood fat, adjust blood pressure, prevent thrombosis, and vascular blockage, of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention effect is remarkable."
National expert of Beijing hospital medical director - Deng Kaibo
"Alpha linolenic acid could reduce the content of low density lipoprotein in the blood, make the human brain and heart protection, effectively through the prostaglandin lipid-lowering way is can't be matched by any lipid-lowering drugs, because it lipid-lowering is not directed against a particular measures of blood lipids, but a whole lipid-lowering effect."
Chinese nutrition association, director of the nutrition and food committee - Fan Wenguang
"Alpha linolenic acid in the aspect of reducing blood fat and reduce the incidence of cardio-cerebral is generally more effective prevention and control of drugs, common effect can be five times higher than that of......"
China union medical university professor Think Roger wang clinical trials
Alpha linolenic acid with drop in fall blood sugar function characteristic is steady, and repeatedly will not occur. Diabetes can also restore the activity of the enzymes to saturated fatty acids in human cells, for clinical diabetic hypertension patients, four to eight weeks has obvious curative effect.
China-japan friendship hospital Qian Wenyan
"Alpha linolenic acid and chemical synthetic drug are very different, its itself is the body physiological metabolic intermediate, so the alpha linolenic acid in the process of prevention and treatment of various diseases, does not cause side effects."

This product is the Perilla oil, gelatin, glycerin and water as the main raw material made of health food, proved by test meal function of animal and human body, has the health functions of auxiliary fall hematic fat.
【 main ingredient 】 Perilla oil, gelatin, glycerin, water
Iconic composition and content per 100 g 】 : alpha linolenic acid 62.5 g
Health care function 】 【 auxiliary fall hematic fat
[appropriate crowd] blood fat the most high
【 method and consumption 】 2 times a day, two at a time
【 specification 】 500 mg/grains
[life] 24 months
Young children, pregnant women, not appropriate crowd  nurse
Execution standard Q/AALL0001S- 2011
(Shanghai) food hygiene license  the word [2008] no. 010002
【 storage method 】 sealed, cool and dry place
【 notes 】 this product is no substitute for drugs

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