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Brand linolenic acid

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Brand linolenic acid

Brand linolenic acid

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Prandial in general lack of our country crowd of alpha linolenic acid, per capita daily intake of about 0.4 g, far less than the world health organization recommended daily (1 g) half of our medicine and nutrition experts called for a national legislation special supplement alpha linolenic acid.
The world health organization (WHO) and the UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) in 1993, joint statement: in view of the importance of alpha linolenic acid and the status quo of human general lack of decision in the world within the scope of the special promotion of alpha linolenic acid and metabolites.
The world since the 90 s in many developed countries such as America, Britain, France, Japan and other countries have legislation: the specified must add alpha linolenic acid and its derivatives in food, otherwise not allowed to sales.
The world health organization (who) through investigation and study, found that cause hematic fat imbalance, the main cause of disease of heart head blood-vessel is: excessive intake of unsaturated fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid intake. Therefore, to basically treat blood (such as: class) of heart head blood-vessel disease must be added unsaturated fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid).

Adults lack of alpha linolenic acid, will lead to the occurrence of various diseases, such as:



















A lot of basic research, epidemiology investigation, animal experiment and clinical observation showed that alpha linolenic acid has the following nine aspects of physiological functions, is recognized by the international medical, nutritional,
1, prevention of cardio-cerebral vascular disease
2, high content of linolenic acid, fall hematic fat
3, to reduce the criticality of high blood pressure
4, high content of linolenic acid inhibit the occurrence and metastasis of cancer
5, inhibiting allergic reactions, anti-inflammatory effects
6, high content of linolenic acid inhibition of aging
7, strengthen intelligence
8, high content of linolenic acid to protect eyesight
9, promote insulin secretion, extend the hypoglycemic effect, inhibition of complications
Therefore, in order to prevent disease and chronic disease fat nutrition guidelines should be:
A: control of saturated fat and monounsaturated fatty acid intake;
B: reducing intake of linoleic acid; Increase the intake of alpha linolenic acid.
QingTong shu 3 a factor (EPA, DHA, and DPA) basically has the following role:
The EPA can increase the content of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, and triglycerides in the blood, reduce its molecular weight, by the liver, intestine, stomach eduction body outside, with both clean up the blood and the double effect of cleaning blood vessels.
DHA is a necessary material for the brain formation and intelligence development. Have added the brain cell nutrition, promote mental development, prevent brain atrophy, the action of dementia, it functions have great effects on the brain.
The DPA it act on human's brain, optic nerve and memory organization, can improve the transfer speed of information between brain cells, responsive, form the information transmission of high-speed access, repair the damaged brain cells, prevent brain dementia and brain atrophy.
QingTong comfortable soft capsule 3 a unique activity factor, breaking the traditional "three highs" product only to the heart, brain, meridian simple removal and treatment of main organs, such as the "tong" "" "" "solution" to "repair" five method, biological changes, colonics, blood oxygen, make up the blood lipid and intestinal type detoxification products complete system, completely solve the "three highs" human body and other cardiovascular and intestinal problems.
"Tong" EPA factor remove blood lipid and intestinal dirt, quickly ruled out in vitro, lose blood vessels.
"Solution" to the whole body detoxification pipe, dissolve the blood and gut endotoxin, prevent intestinal absorption when ingested food through new toxins. Much more than normal product a layer of the effect of neutralization and dissolve toxins in the body.
"Fix" quickly scar repair thrombosis and damaged blood vessels and brain cells, activate cells, restore blood vessel elasticity, promote blood running.
"Tuned" to participate in the life process, oxygen supply blood cells, regulating the body's own immune function as a whole, slow down the body, the function of recession, effectively restore normal function of organs, and many other effects.
"Fill" a variety of beneficial factor and the human body has the very high absorption capacity and affinity, can quickly replenish the brain, blood vessels and intestines nutrition needed, referred to as "blood nutriment", can promote and maintain the normal operation of tissues.
Three high patient:
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, frequent headaches, dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, flustered shortness of breath, weakness of weary, hand, foot and pins and needles, insomnia, forgetfulness, and so on.
Cardio-cerebrovascular disease:
Three highs cause heart disease, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, cerebral thrombosis, stroke and sequelae.
Sub-health crowd:
Insomnia, much dream, virtual body sweat, lack of exercise, fatty liver, obesity, irregular life, body endotoxin accumulation.

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