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Enhance immunity health care products

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Enhance immunity health care products

Enhance immunity health care products

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"Humans are born with one of the best doctors in the world - the immune system. When the immune system normal operation, it should play a strong defense,
Can effectively resist the majority of the disease. Balanced nutrition and properly maintain the body, the immune system is very helpful, no matter how our body, our body needs constantly replenish nutrition, when we are healthy, balanced diet can prevent us ill, in the same way, when we are sick, fully nourish can help us recovery from the disease. "
Chinese medicine has a long history, rich cultural accumulation, and the concept of western medicine have great differences. In Chinese medicine theory, the knowledge of illness is one of the "evil of gather together, the gas will be void", that is why people get sick, besides because of external pathogenic infection, it is important to people's own resistance to drop, not against foreign pathogens invading cause disease; And cure to "cure not ill", it is usually pay attention to the health of the body, the body each viscera is influence each other, care is the coordination of body internal environment and the natural one, improve the disease resistance. Is the traditional Chinese medicine of "school up".
Immune is the body's overall performance against external pathogenic factors, can measure the strength of the human body. Whether people sick, because in addition to bacteria, viruses, microbial pathogenic factors, but also on people's resistance is strong enough to resist the outside world, the "resistance" strictly speaking, is "immunity", is in the face of the immune system of the normal operation of external pathogenic factors can remove bacteria and other pathogenic factors. However, due to the living environment, way of life and their own genetic reason, each person's immune system composition and reaction ability are not identical, so it is particularly important to daily care.Through the law of life, improve the living environment, strengthen exercise, diet nursing, etc., can change people's immunity, improve the body's response to the outside world and disease-resistant ability, this is also the manifestation of care.
Drugs can't replace the immune system function
No "solving", disease is the result of long-term accumulation
Many people naturally think of disease is a sudden, it is not the case. Most of diseases are under long-term development, formed by some microorganisms before cause symptoms for the first time, may have been dormant in the human body for years, such as the AIDS virus can have a decade of incubation period. When the initial symptoms finally emerges, everyone expected to stitch work, to, but few on the process of treatment the curative effect of, just like invading bacteria or viruses need time to reproduce enough to overcome the body's defenses, the immune system also needs time to break them. In addition, the body also needs time to repair the damage by the intruder tissues and organs.
As another example, cancer can't instant can be found as a cold, usually, was diagnosed with cancer have a few years later. In fact, when bacteria or viruses just invasion of the body, is the so-called "enemy weak I am strong", if the immune system is strong, of course, will be able to "kill" them. So the nutritional immunology emphasizes the immune system needs to be constantly on the usual maintenance, rather than wait until symptoms occur, to think of some way to remedy it.

Nutrition to repair cells
Really let the body rehabilitation is not a drug, because drug ingredient is not cell repair required components. And give sufficient time, give sufficient nutrients, the body will begin the process of repair. Because all the cells after six months or so, most of the cells will be updated by 90%, to create new tissue.
The stomach cells is updated on a 7 days; Update a skin cell 28 days; Updated once the liver cells in 180 days; Red blood cell is updated on a 120 - day... In a year or so, the body 98% of the cells will be renewed again. And bone cell update need seven years. As long as sufficient nutrition, damaged organs by cells constantly "metabolism" and "repair", after a period of time, the damaged tissues and organs will be "soft" replacement, produce the "new" tissues and organs. Many, many diseases, has a chance to recover completely.


Today does not preserve one's health, keep the doctor tomorrow
Prevention is better than cure. Body like a machine, balanced nutrition is to maintain every day, don't wait for the machine problem to repair, machine, the body also is such. Machine can be changed, but life only have once, do good to the body, cherish life.
Immune cell classification

Immune cells is related to the immune response of all cells, including T cells, B cells, killer cells (K), natural killer cells (NK cells) and mononuclear phagocytes, etc. Of T cells and B cells also called immune activity, because this kind of cells can be differentiated by the antigen stimulation increment, cause immune response, sensitization to produce antibodies or T cells. Blood lymphocytes according to their difference and function, and can be divided into two categories, T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. Cellular immunity is mainly implemented by T cells. The cells in the blood to 80% - 80% of the total number of lymphocytes.T cells by antigen stimulation into sensitization, direct contact with specific antigenicity and attack foreign body, such as tumor cells, allografts cells; A variety of lymphatic factor secretion, destroy cells contain pathogens or suppress the virus propagation; With B cells together to kill pathogenic microorganisms.
The immune system health is more important than drugs
Man is to rely on nutrition live, rather than drugs. Nutrition is the purpose of repair cells, enhance immunity, the disease killed in the bud, will be the key to solve a chronic nutritional therapy. Only the cells healthy, our bodies can be healthy.
There is no substitute for a healthy immune system, the function of normal human body, with a defense disease, to overcome the disease, and even overcome environmental pollutants and toxins continues to hit all of the weapons. Most of disease before foreign show symptoms, already exist in the body for a long time, when we feel even more heavy, usually was too late to prevent, as a result, the most ideal way to avoid contact with the disease, is pay attention to the healthy immune system, two armies at war, nature is a hindrance a winner, and that's the way it is with our bodies, when microbial attack the human body, a healthy immune system immediately into battle.
Bacteria, viruses and other organisms is the culprit cause many diseases, but once encountered a strong immune system, they are not very useful anymore. Powerful immune system protect us from infection. Clearly, most of diseases are caused by immune system failure; The more the more virus immune system is not easy.
Phytosterol and immune cells
Phytosterol (phytosterol) is a kind of very beneficial to human body natural physiological active substances, known as the "key" of life, is a kind of active ingredients in plants, with animal sterol on structure such as cholesteric (solid) alcohol, stability of cell membrane role in plant cells. Mainly including beta sitosterol, stigmasterol and rapeseed sterol and campesterol etc., the earliest recognized the function effect of phytosterols in the early 1950 s, is since it can reduce the cholesterol in the blood, people later after a large number of experimental studies have found that phytosterol can also be used to enhance immunity, prevent cancer, prevention and treatment of prostate disease, anti-inflammatory, antiviral function such as fever, has become the European and American market is one of the most popular functional ingredients.In September 2000, the U.S. food and drug administration approved a statement to the health of phytosterol, margarine and salad sauce containing phytosterols was listed in functional food, in many western countries has been widely used for chronic disease prevention.
Pure plant sterol in normal temperature for white crystalline powder, odourless tasteless, relative density is slightly larger than water, insoluble in water, alkali and acid. The body can't synthesis of phytosterol, nor composed of cholesteryl transformation, only by food intake. But diet of phytosterol absorption rate is low, an average of about 5%, and cholesterol absorption rate more than 40%, so it is particularly important to supplement it.Phytosterol can improve human T cell and NK cell activity in the immune system, enhance the phagocytosis of macrophage, and improve the activity of humoral immunity and cellular immunity, enhance human immunity adjustment.
The main function of phytosterol:
1. Phytosterol can improve human T cell and NK cell activity in the immune system, enhance the phagocytosis of macrophage, and improve the activity of humoral immunity and cellular immunity, enhance human immunity adjustment.
2. The anti-inflammatory effect of phytosterols has stronger, especially stigmasterol due to strong anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects and directly used as anti-inflammatory drugs, also can promote the healing of the wound, muscle hyperplasia, enhance the blood circulation, to all sorts of wound has good healing and eliminate the effect.
3. Phytosterols have inhibit the absorption of human body of cholesterol, promote the degradation of cholesterol metabolism, inhibit cholesterol biochemical synthesis of lowering cholesterol, can reduce blood fat, prevent thrombosis, prevent hardening of the arteries, the coronary heart disease (CHD), atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, as well as all other diseases caused by high cholesterol have different levels of treatment.
4. Phytosterol has antiproliferative effect, can inhibit tumor growth, and its effect on promoting prostate anti-estrogen, has good curative effect on treatment of prostate disease such as disease.
5. Phytosterol for skin and good permeability, can keep skin moisture, promote skin metabolism, restrain skin inflammation, can prevent the sun spots, skin aging, and so on.
6. In addition, phytosterols are also important steroidal drugs and vitamin D3 production raw material.

The main components of the school brand woods capsule as phytosterols, percentage of beta sitosterol account for nearly half of phytosterol as a kind of natural active substances, after long-term research prove that it has a variety of health care function. Besides can improve immunity, prevention and treatment of prostate disease, fall hematic fat, such as analgesia anti-inflammatory effect. Phytosterol (school brand woods capsule) taking safety, long-term use without adverse reactions, to the actual non-toxic substances. Suitable for patients with low immunity, prostate disease, high cholesterol, and heart vascular disease tendency.
The function of phytosterol (woods capsule) research
The future of international nutrition society recommends ten functional ingredients including phytosterols, the FDA has approved phytosterol sterane alcohol ester food or plants can use "healthy" label, and so far the FDA approval of such labels only 12 kinds of food. Finland, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Britain and other countries relevant institutions have recognized the safety of the phytosterols.
A, enhance immunity
"School woods capsule" brand of main components in phytosterol, every grain of beta sitosterol content above 4.2%. Literature reports: phytosterol on nonspecific immunity, nonspecific cellular immunity and specific humoral immune function, immune activity were increased with increase of NK cell activity, improve the level of CD3, CD4 cells, selective increase T Helper 1 (TH1) - cell activity and inhibition of T Helper - 2 (TH2) cell activity, regulate the balance between TH1 cells and TH2 cells, activate the role of the complement system, etc.
This unit entrust a health food inspection institutions designated test immune regulating function of woods capsule. Including serum hemolysin test, antibody detection, carbon clearance test in mice, ConA induced mice spleen lymphocyte transformation test, determination of DTH experiment, determination of NK cell activity, macrophage cell in abdominal cavity of mice and other nine chicken red blood cell tests. The results show that the woods capsule can obviously increase the NK cell activity, improve the ability of macrophage cell and humoral immunity and cellular immunity activity.
These results are consistent with literature reports, further confirm the woods capsule have the function that improve the body immunity.
Second, the prevention and treatment of prostate disease
Abroad as early as the early 1960 s found that phytosterols has a good therapeutic effect on prostate disease, to reduce the incidence of male prostate hyperplasia of phytosterol has certain positive meaning, to improve the symptom of prostate hyperplasia have very good curative effect.
In view of the literature reported the role of phytosterols have good prevention and treatment of prostate disease,
This unit entrusted by GLP certification before new drug clinical research organization, for chronic nonbacterial prostate resistance of phytosterol main pharmacodynamics research, in order to corroborate the activity of phytosterols treatment of prostate disease, test is as follows: choose the xiaozhi spirit cause prostatitis rat model and carageen glue in rats prostatitis model, cotton ball granuloma in mice model, croton oil in mice ear swelling model, diuresis experiment in rats, urinary smooth muscle in vitro of test animal, the bladder detrusor of rats in vivo test, etc. Multiple test model.
The above test results are consistent with literature reports the results, showed that phytosterols does have the effect of the treatment of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis and clinical applied to patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, disease of urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain, urine is endless, terminal urine and stool after dripping white urination abnormalities, such as, lower abdominal pain, lumbar di ministry and perineum, testis, areas such as the inner thigh pain, discomfort, etc.
Third, fall hematic fat
Human for the understanding phytosterols reduce cholesterol levels in the blood for a long time. So far, all use of phytosterols reduce cholesterol dozens of human body experiment, the results prove: supplementary phytosterols can significantly reduce the blood total cholesterol (TC) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels, can reduce LDL/HDL ratio, and no significant side effects, will not cause any health risks. Overall, adding different doses of phytosterol can make 10% lower TC, LDL lower by about 13%.
Four, and other functions
The anti-inflammation and analgesia of phytosterol and antifebrile effect, such as literature reported earlier. Phytosterol has prevent cancer, reduce the incidence of cancer. Other studies have suggested sitosterol can significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
In addition, phytosterol in regulating growth, antiviral and antibacterial effect, also have more literature reports.
Health care into 1 save emergency fee RMB 100 yuan
According to statistics, China now sub-health population of 1 billion, and the number is growing. Sub-health is dormant stage of the disease, often because of sub-health can not get the attention they deserve, plus, the Chinese has a habit, will save money, save to use for the last three months of life. If will be put into 80% 10 years in advance for the nutrition health care, believe that everyone can live healthier for 10 years.
The arrival of the aging society in China, increase the medical investment year by year, only "elongating life in spite of illness," is not a real sense of longevity and health. Cardiovascular expert professor hong zhaoguang in China in an interview with reporters, said: "if a person can live 80 years, there are 30 years lie on the bed, is a nightmare. 1 dollar investment in health care, can save 8.59 yuan of medical treatment cost, at the same time, save 100 yuan for the first aid.

Phytosterol (school brand woods capsule) taking methods:
A, enhance immunity
Orally, three times a day, each time 1 grain
Second, the auxiliary regulate other diseases
Orally, three times a day, each time 2-4, depending on the severity of each time 1 grain will increase
The best doctor - own immune system

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